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His VOICE PRINT will give you a VOICE CRUSH as he provides premier voice talent for commercial, narrative, and spokesman categories. Jeffrey has performed in the broadcasting industry for over 40 years, with impressive credentials. He can provide famous industry references upon request. Jeffrey has been described as seductive, mesmerizing, magnetic, and charismatic... but SEDUCTION is his NICHE. Often imitated, but never duplicated.

Being the most Charismatic Man in the World, I am looking to be an exclusive Spokesperson for a company/product.
I am seeking representation by a Manager and/or Agent for my dulcet, mesmerizing, hypnotic tones.

Talent Jeffrey LLC also has a state of the art green screen studio capable of high definition video. Demos are available upon request.

2 Very Notable/Credible Industry References Upon Request.

For more information about Jeffrey's past (when he was "Playboy Magazine's DeeJay Of The Year" and "Voted Most Handsome DeeJay In The World"), please follow the link by clicking Here.

Talent Jeffrey Demos

Talent Jeffrey Seductive Demo

Talent Jeffrey "Shocking" Demo

TV 9 Bumper

Trance-Like Commands



"Cornelius 5ive" Multiple Reads

"Development Distributor"


Talent Jeffrey Video Demo


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